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Bursary Awards and Mayor's visit

August 30th the Mayor of Wellington Town Antony Lowe made special visit to the club.   He spoke with great passion about the work being done to regenerate the town by attracting new business and generally making the place look better.  He is looking forward to hosting a panel of judges  for a national competition of regenerating towns.

Following the vote  thanks President Vic presented our Higher Education Award winners with their cheques each of £600.00 with which they have purchased IT equipment to help them in their studies.

August Food Bank Contributions

Richard Studd reports
"Today’s collection weighed in at 180kg plus £65 cash. That means the two August collections totalled 300kg and £160. I think that’s fantastic.
 Well done to all our members. As ever, the people at the foodbank were over the moon."
President Vic adds his congratulations epecially to Richard and Geoff who made the deliveries.

Don leaves for a new home

On 16th August the club with members of our Inner Wheel, partners and members from The Wrekin, and Telford Centre Clubs and visiting golf companions said a farewell to Don Woolford.  David Sear thanked Don for his perseverance in creating and nursing Telford Centre Club into the strong force it is today. 

Wellington B continue to Croquet Final


Sports Officer Rob reports


Well played. Cannock or Sedgley and Wombourne in the final.

Probably later in August or first half of September.

In the meantime keep practicing, have a holiday and best wishes.

The scores were 7-1 7-2 5-7 2-7 7-6 and 7-5 which was a 4-2 win

Support for MS

Susan Husband newly inducted Rotarian from the Wolverhampton and our Sophie's mum gave the club an insight to the support available for suffers of MS available at the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre.    She explained that although not yet approved by NICE breathing oxygen in a compression chamber has been found to be of great beneicialeffects not only for MS but other cnditions as well.  Past President Peter Williams gave the vote of thanks and President Vic sent our warm greetings to Wolverhamton.

DG spreads the Rotary Effect message

Brian Reilly delivered to the club one of the most inspiration messages on how we as members of one club enable theood works of Rotary around the world.    Polio eradication programmes are now the benchmark for the mass immunisation for other diseases, Mercy ships travel the coasts of the world brin medical assistance to remote ares.    Finally Brian presented President Vic with the RI banner for this year then  President Vic thanked Brian and reminded club members of our many activities including to remember to enjoy ourselves

Presentation to Hope House

At lunch on Friday 31st May Rachel a fund raiser for Hope House told us a little about the history and the inspirational successess of the Hospice in Oswestry and ty Gabaith in North Wales.

President Peter was able to present Rachael with a cheque for £1,100  being the a share of the proceeds of the 2018 Golf Day.


The second of our teams to play met Telford Centre at the Shrewsbury Croquet Club.    The closeness of the competition however is not reflected in the game or match scores, as each hoop was fiercely contested..
With Wellington leading 5-0 the final game was suspended at 5-5 as it had continued half an hour after the all other games were completed.  

Bowls v Probus

May 21st Bowring Park

A scratch team came together for this away match against the mighty Probus.   Once again wecame second but we are closing in on them.

Captain Venn reports