Higher Education Bursary

The Rotary Club of Wellington awards a Bursary of £1200 to applicants in their final year of sixth form at New College, Wellington, TCAT or studing elsewhere and a resident of Wellington

This letter from Bursary Recipient Katie Booth illustrates what can be achieved with a little help.

I wanted to take the time to give you an update on what I have been up to since receiving the Bursary from yourselves at the Rotary Club.   Since I last saw you I completed my final year at university and received a First Class Degree in Fashion with BA Honours.   My digital work was selected to go to graduate
fashion week where it had a great reception.   Since graduation I have been interning at two design houses.   One is Holly Fulton a printed textile fashion designer, where I had the chance to work with her and her team at London Fashion Week. I am now an intern with Ralph and Russo a luxury couture house in London – I am learning all about bespoke embellishment and helping create some really beautiful pieces of clothing. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone again as without your support it wouldn’t have been possible. If anyone at the club wishes to look at some of the clothes/designs I created at
university then I have an up and running website www.katieboothdesign.com so you can check it all out there!
Thank you once again.


Application for the award is open to students at New College and Telford College of Arts & Technology (TCAT) and at the Club Council’s discretion students resident in Wellington completing their education or starting their career elsewhere.

If you feel you are elibible please read these notes carefully:

Notes for Applicants


You may apply to Rotary Club of Wellington Higher Education Bursary if you are entering or are in the first year of Higher Education, or you are seeking to enhance your personal development or skills prior to entering your chosen career.

Your application to be considered for this bursary should be made by 28th February in your final year of the sixth form or the following year.

Applicants may be required to attend an interview with members of the awarding body. Whilst every endeavour will be made to accommodate individual schedules the date and time of the interviews will be agreed by the awarding body.


The applicants must be students who are completing or have completed their sixth form studies at either:

·  New College, Wellington

– Telford College of Arts & Technology (TCAT)

Alternatively applications may be considered from students resident in Wellington completing their education elsewhere in which case acceptance of the application is at the discretion of the Club Council.

It is anticipated that application would be made either during the applicants final year of “A” level/ Applied “A” level/ National Diploma (level 3 studies) or during the year following their departure having completed their studies.

Applicants can only make one application and the bursary will be valid for one year from the date of the award.

Purpose of the bursary:

The purpose of the award will be to either:

· Facilitate their studies in Higher Education

· Enhance their studies in Higher Education

· Enhance their personal development or skills prior to entering their chosen career

· Enhance their chances of acceptance in their chosen career or in gaining selection for Higher Education

Value of the Award:

£1,200.00 or part thereof in a single or in staged payments depending on need and relevant circumstances as decided by the Awarding Body.

Normally the bursary will be awarded to one individual but, exceptionally, the total sum might be divided between two or more candidates. The amounts would not, necessarily, be of equal value.

Awarding Body:

The awarding body is made up of:

· The President of the Rotary Club of Wellington or his representative

· The Chairman of the Youth Services Committee

· Two other members of the Youth services Committee

on behalf of the Rotary Club of Wellington.


What you can expect to happen and when:

· January. The Rotary Club of Wellington will provide details of the Higher Education Bursary to your school and you will be invited to apply.

· 28th February. Deadline for the receipt of letters of application for the bursary.

· 1st March. Issue of notifications for interview and individual notifications to unsuccessful applicants.

· By mid-March. Interviews to have been carried out and the award(s) made. Exceptionally the awarding body may decide to make no award.

· Successful candidates will be expected to keep in touch with The Rotary Club of Wellington to report how the planned action is progressing

· At a future date the successful applicant(s) to address The Rotary Club of Wellington to explain how the award enhanced/ facilitated their studies. The future date to be agreed by the club and the successful applicant(s).

Application Details:

To be considered for the bursary you must by 28th February in your qualifying year apply by letter, which should be sent to the New Generations Chairman of the Rotary Club of Wellington youth@wellingtonrotary.org.uk in which you should give the following information:

· Your name and date of birth.

· your address for all correspondence

· College of Sixth Form Study and either actual or proposed date of leaving

· Brief details of your academic progress and school achievement to date.

· Your anticipated course of study including details of applications made which have resulted in conditional offers which you have accepted. OR your chosen career path if not to further education with details of the anticipated training required.

· Any relevant personal details (financial need etc.)

· A clear concise detail of what you want to spend the bursary on (separate amounts for each item required and total) and how this will enhance/ facilitate your studies or aid your personal development.

· An indication of when you would need the money.

· How you will demonstrate to the club that the money has been spent.

· Confirmation that no other bursary or grant has been sought, applied for, or received in respect of the same purpose(s) as this bursary.

· Name an appropriate referee from your school/ college who may be approached for further information if you are short listed.

· If you are under 18 at the time of application your application must be countersigned by a parent/ guardian.

Failure to answer all points may result in rejection of your application.

Future Commitments

If you are a successful applicant you will be expected to keep the Rotary Club of Wellington informed of your progress and address a meeting of the Rotary Club of Wellington to explain how the award enhanced/ facilitated your studies.

The date for this is to be agreed by the club and the successful applicant(s) but must be within 2 years from the date that the award was made.

The Rotary Club of Wellington currently meets for lunch at 1pm at the Buckatree Hotel, Wellington.

Apply to Rotarian Peter Williams at youth@wellingtonrotary.org.uk

Past Awards

In 2014 we attracted 4 candidates all from New College.  Two outstanding applicants emerged Kamila Smyk and Connie Morgan.They exhibited tenacity and hard work well above average. The interviewing panel decided to split the award giving these candidates each £500 to purchase equipment to facilitate their University studies. Connie Morgan has gone to Edinburgh studying Medieval History and Kamila Smyk was accepted at Birmingham University studying Music and Psychology.  Both award winners bought personal computers without which their courses would have been nearly impossible. They both attended our weekly meeting on Friday 29th August to receive their awards and speak to the Club before going off to commence Freshers week.  The photograph shows President Venn Davies with the two award winners, Kamila Smyk and Connie Morgan.

It is expected that the Bursary will be awarded again in 2017 and will follow a similar timetable to that described below.

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