Lend with Care

Lendwithcare [https://www.lendwithcare.org] .

We are now under way with Lendwithcare and are registered with the Charity in the Club’s name. Operating the account is all done by computer. All the recipients have been vetted by the Charity for suitability, the size of loan, their ability to repay and the amount of each repayment. The cost of the scheme is written into the repayments made to the Charity but we shall receive repayment of our loan in full.   At any one time the details of 50 or so applicants are shown on the computer screen and your team had to choose who to lend to.

The first loans to 4 applicants were made to Amanda Abellare (Philippines) for fertilisers for her farm – £113. Carmen Esperanza Pinta Cango (Ecuador) stock for her clothes store – £174 Mohammad Rafique (Pakistan) to pay for a Rickshaw for his taxi business – £53 Nge Bui Thi (Vietnam) for fertiliser for her farm and to purchase a water buffalo to rear and sell – £150.

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