Morrisons Collection 17th October

Morrisons Collection Saturday 17th Oct 2015 for Polio Plus Can I ask for the support in collecting @ Morrisons to boost our giving to Polio Plus.

9 – 10 am V Young, P Murray, N Rew

10 – 11 am V Davies, R Kirby, J Bradley.

11 – 12 am D Tomkinson, R Evans, B Heaven,

12 – 1 pm P Martin, N Quin, G Keay.

1 – 2 pm P Seaward, B Lewis, D Woolford. 2 – 3 pm Vacancy, J Udale, K Whitcombe.

3- 4 pm D Scollard-Kerr, D Bailey, M Lamb..

4 – 5 pm G Ford, Vacancy, J Wardle.

5 – 6 pm V Young, K Mainwaring, Vacancy

Two collectors just off the tills (if allowed) and the other collector inside the entrance. Vic will arrange for Buckets/ Tabards & Banners etc for 9 am on the day of collection. Many thanks for your support If unable to collect at the given time or day please give Vic Young plenty of notice or exchange your time slot with another Rotarian.

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