Sportsman’s evening

Who other than Mike Dorricott should captain the 2013 edition of this well-known Wellington extravaganza? For all of the 26 years since it was first held Mike has been in charge and well over £100,000 has been raised for charity during that time. This year the 184 guests raised £3,206 mainly for Prostate Cancer research.

Early action was the selling of draw tickets as soon as guests had stepped over the threshold by Paul Rhodes, Andy Kaleta and Peter Seaward. Then, at the dinner President Richard Studd was in the chair and called upon Rod Kirby to say Grace. Needless to say murmurs of acclaim greeted his delivery. We then went from the sublime to the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding which was also acclaimed and another wave of ticket sellers arrived, this time for the stand-up bingo. Your correspondent noted Chris Yates, Mike Osborn, Peter Martin, Peter Llewellyn, Scott Walker, Venn Davies and Mike Heath among others. 

Then it was time for the main part of the evening. Geoff Miller, ex Derbyshire and Essex and chairman of the selectors spoke and reminisced about the famous names he had played with – Geoff Boycott, Ian Botham, Ray Lindwall and particularly the redoubtable Jeff Thomson. You could hear a pin drop. After much applause comedian Lea Roberts took the stage, tiptoeing gently and neatly through his material, noting that there were ladies present.

Finally it was raffle time and David Ball’s ticket came first. He wisely chose the bottle of Grouse and finally the winner of the stand-up bingo went home £400 the richer. As usual it was a splendid, professionally organised evening. Mike Dorricott did say that it would have been nice to sell another 50 tickets.


Three Musketers:   Three more: 
        Peter Seaward, Paul Rhodes, Andy Kaleta         Richard Studd, Geoff Miller, Lea Roberts


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