Morrisons Collection for Nepal

The Club is always prepared to provide immediate help in the event of International Disasters.  A collection took place at Morrisons in Wellington to provide aid for Nepal following an earthquake disaster.  The event, organised by the Rotary Club of Wellington, raised £843.74.  Rotarians were supported at the collection by members of the local ex-Gurkha community.  [The Brigade of Gurkhas which serves in the British Army is traditionally recruited in Nepal.]  Event organiser, Rotarian Dick Bailey, said, ’I would like to thank the staff and customers of Morrisons for their excellent contribution towards helping the people of Nepal overcome this terrible natural disaster.’

Left photograph shows from left: Rotarians Maurice Lamb & Neil Phillips with Bal Krishna Rai.  Centre photograph show Rotarian Neil Phillips, Rotarian David Tomkinson, Bal Krishna Rai, Arun Rai, Guru Prasad Pun and Rotarian Dick Bailey.  Right photograph show Rotarian Geoff Ford with Arun Rai

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