The Great Telford Run

Telford Centre Rotary


Telford Centre Rotary wishes to record its thanks to all the runners and walkers who have taken part in this event and to the main sponsor and the community partners who have supported this event.

Thanks to the combination of financial support and practical assistance,  Telford Centre Rotary has been able to produce a major ‘virtual’ event designed to benefit local charities by and for the People of Telford.

In particular, we are indebted to the team from Wellington Rotary Club who provided essential technical support and created and managed the web platform.

We are very grateful to the Hadley Learning Community for their help in the production of the advertising posters and  printing.

In addition, we are very grateful to Landau for their support and assistance.

We also thank everyone else who helped ‘spread the word’ and put up posters.

Rotary is a network of people building community spirit, unlocking the potential of young and older people.  Rotary welcomes new members from all walks of life.  To find out more go to or for Telford Centre follow this link or follow either club on Facebook or Twitter.

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