The Great Telford Run

Telford Centre Rotary

Event Details

Social Distancing and Running / Walking Safely

Participants are encouraged to follow all relevant guidance from the government, police and our sport – particularly in relation to out-of-home exercise and social distancing.

Participants are encouraged to consider the time of day and period of time they exercise, carefully select their route, and apply social distancing to stay clear/give priority to pedestrians and people using public spaces.

The Great Telford Run events are suitable for all ages and include both walking and running events to be completed during July.

Some will suit the serious runner and others cater for the beginner or families and friends and workmates who want a challenge they can complete in their own time and place of their choosing.

You may prefer to do your challenge in the gym in the garden or wherever you live at a time of your choice. You may not even live in Telford but you can still take part.

If you go on to do another run or walk in your chosen event and you achieve a better time you can submit this. Just go to the Submit Time tab and put in your new time.

This will replace your earlier time and could see you moving up the leader board.

THE 5 & 10 K

Walk or run these traditional distances individually or in groups with family and friends.

Simply do the challenge record your time and submit it so that it will appear on the leader board.


This time and distance challenge event takes as its inspiration the iconic T50 ( 80k) walking route round Telford:

This challenge can be completed in stages of any length, time or distance during the month of July that brings up a total of 50 miles/80K. To complete the challenge you can run or walk the overall  distance in time and distance stages of your choice or combine both running and walking. However the final placing will be determined by the overall time take to complete the full 80k however you choose to complete your challenge.

If you are lucky enough to live near or in Telford you can use part of the T50 route. The choice is yours. Subject to local coronavirus rules you may wish to do your challenge in the company of others.

When you have completed the challenge, don’t forget to submit your time and retain your records.

Click here for information on the Telford T50 trail.

Click the map for the arcGIS version or here for the OS interactive map.  On mobiles, the OS version is probably preferable. You can download a gpx file from the OS site.

In case of difficulty, please email, or simply send a message via the web site Contacts box.

Click here to view, download and print a leaflet about the Trail. The section pages have links to maps with gpx files in the clockwise direction. For anticlockwise files, please visit this page.

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