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Congratulations and thank you to Past President John Wardle for a successful club year. The Festivities marking the end of John’s year are over, so I wish you all a ‘Happy Rotary New Year!’

Traditionally in the New Year, Resolutions are made and I have three.

Firstly, for everyone to enjoy the Companionship and Fellowship at our meetings and events, whilst making a difference to those in need at home and abroad. Secondly, to raise the profile of Rotary Wellington by us being more hands on and involved in local community activities. Thirdly to recruit new and active members from new groups or new areas of the community, with interest hopefully being generated by the Club having a higher profile.

All very simple wishes, but no doubt like all resolutions they will be difficult to maintain, but every one achievable if we keep up the momentum.

This year gets off to a flying start in July with Rotary Making a Difference. In July we have a BBQ and disco for the Telford Gateway Club at Eyton Village Hall, the Heulwen Canal Trip for those with visual limitations and awards to students at the Charlton School in Wellington who have taken part in Rotary competitions. Arguably the most rewarding of all will be presenting dictionaries to Year Six pupils at Wrekin View Primary School - encouraging children to use the gift of reading to make a difference to their lives.

If you're not a member of a Rotary Club and these pages encourage you to find out more about our Rotary Club, or one closer to you, please get in touch using the Contact Us page. At some point, now or in the future, I hope you may be able to help Rotary continue its work.

Thanks for visiting.

Brain Richards - President 2016-17