Rotary Wellington, like many other Rotary organisations in Great Britain and Ireland, run several youth competitions.  If you were aged between 7 and 17 on 31 August 2021, and have an interest in the environment, consider entering our Young Environmentalist competition. There are three competitions for different age groups (a) 7-10 years of age (b) 11-13 years and (c) 14-17 years. Winners of our local competitions may progress to district, regional and national competitions.

The competition aims to encourage young people to:
– interact with the environment
– address serious environmental issues
– develop and explore solutions to the issues
– explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project

To enter, competitors (who can work on their own or as part of a group of not more than four people) must explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project on the theme of ‘Climate Change/Carbon Reduction’ highlighting the magnitude of the problem.. The two elements of the theme are interlinked and those entering may focus on one or the other or both.

The project undertaken should raise awareness to a particular problem within the given topic area and inspire action to respond to the growing awareness of the problem.

The project could be approached from different angles and perspectives. More guidance is given in the information pack (see bottom of this page).

Projects should be eye catching, present a balanced viewpoint exhibiting understanding of the environmental problem, and showcase a solution or suggest an innovative new idea for solving the environmental issue.

The project is to be presented in the student’s or group’s chosen format which could include (a) Written and illustrated submissions, (b) Photographic or artistic presentations, (c) Audio or video reports, (d) A tangible product such as an App for smart phone, (e) Interactive conversations or creative movement. Written reports should be well illustrated and be no more than 1000 words long. Poster displays should be A3 or A4 in size in colour or black and white with images and text.

The winning entry in each age category in our local competition will receive a gift card to the value of £30.

The latest submission date for entries to the 2021-22 competition is Friday 18th February 2022.

Judging Criteria:

1.Evidence, Research and Effectiveness. The project must demonstrate that exploration and some research has been undertaken. The aims of the project must clearly be stated, and outcomes must be capable of assessment and demonstrate sustainability.
2. Innovation and Adaptability. New concepts and ideas are valuable and will be recognized and the project should be capable of replication by others based on the information provided.
3. Beneficiaries and what lessons have been learnt. What would the benefit of the project to the community or Society as a whole? Is it likely to be cost effective and what problems, if any, have been encountered? How could such a project be improved in future?
4. Presentation. How much information has been given? Is it imaginative and eye catching? What is the impact? Is it easy to follow and understand? What is the quality of the content?
5. Evidence of Teamwork. If undertaken in a group, what is the evidence of individual members in the team?

To request an application form and receive additional information, please send an email to

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