Medic Malawi

Over the last few years the main focus for the International and Foundation Committees has been to support the Medic Malawi Charity (MM) which operates a Hospital, Orphanage and School at Mtunthama, Malawi.

During discussions with Stephen Drew, Chairman of Medic Malawi Charity, it was apparent that there was a requirement for a sustainable water supply at the Mtunthama site, therefore Wellington Rotary commissioned Hafren Water – hydrogeology consultants – to investigate, monitor, report and make recommendations regarding the water resources and use on the site. This was envisaged as comprising two stages, the first stage to undertake a site investigation of the infra structure and submit a report and secondly to put in place a method to monitor the water demand, together with measuring the capacity of the below ground aquafer over a period of time to enable recommendations for a sustainable water supply. Investigations at the site in Malawi were very successful and Hafren Water, due to their expertise and the excellent progress made were not only able to encompass an envisaged the two stage investigation process into one, they have also been able to establish the deficiency and problem with the water supplies, together with recommendations to resolve problems with the supply and at the same time reducing Medic Malawi annual water bills.

Subsequently the means for a consistent and sustainable water supply was installed at Mtunthama.  The site manager has noted the superb performance of the water pump in the borehole.  He reports a year without breakdown together with a substantial saving over the year.

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