Rotary Wellington, like many other Rotary organisations in Great Britain and Ireland, run several youth competitions.  If you were aged between 7 and 17 on 31 August 2021, and have an interest in video filmmaking, consider entering our Young Filmmaker competition. There are three competitions for different age groups (a) 7-10 years of age (b) 11-13 years and (c) 14-17 years. Winners of our local competitions may progress to district, regional and national competitions.

To enter, a competitor must produce a film of up to five minutes duration based upon the theme, ‘Environment’. Mobile phones may be used in addition to cameras. Please use all devices horizontally or landscape not vertical or portrait

To accompany the film, each entrant must provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of each photograph to the theme (‘Wild Nature’).  Entries will not be considered without this supporting information.

Please note that films which incorporate images of people under 18 years old must be accompanied by written permission from the parent, guardian or carer of the person(s) in the film.

The winning entry in each age category in our local competition will receive a gift card to the value of £30.

The latest submission date for entries to the 2021-22 competition is Friday 18th February 2022.

Judges will consider:

  1. How well the film fits the ‘Wild Nature’ theme
  2. The story line, has it a start middle and end
  3. Imagination and entertainment value; viewer engagement
  4. Editing/how the film is assembled
  5. Cinematography (thoughtful camera angles and shot composition)
  6. Use and delivery of sound

To request an application form and receive additional information, please send an email to

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