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President Peter welcomes 2021-2022 President Tom.
The full video can be seen on our Facebook page

After a sixteen month period without a face to face club meeting, members were again able to meet at the Buckatree Hotel on Friday 30th July. During the period that our in-person activities and events were curtailed as a result of pandemic restrictions, our support for the community and international service continued, albeit in different ways.

What’s Going On

Can’t attend in person? You can enjoy our speakers and company with a ZOOM link whether you are a member, guest or interested in membership or the speakers subject.

If you are a visiting Rotarian or a prospective member and would like to attend a club meeting (in person or on ZOOM) please contact the Club by following this link.

Forthcoming meetings and events:

Friday, December 3rd
Buckatree @13.00 Anthony Lowe – Halfway House, The Wrekin
Tuesday, December 7th
Club Council

Friday, December 10th,
No meeting
Friday, December 17th,
Buckatree @13.00 – Social meeting

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve,
No meeting

Friday, January 7th,
Buckatree @13.00 SGM
Friday, January 14th,
Buckatree @13.00
Friday, January 21st,
Buckatree @13.00 – Simon Lellow – Telford Crisis Support Foodbank

The Rotabilia@1230 newsletter will be published on Saturday December 11th and on Christmas Eve

As President Tom Farmer always used to say ‘this is subject to alteration without notification’ !

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