After the V-Festival

Eight or nine years ago our District became aware of the fact that a so-called V-Festival, which took place in August in Weston Park, was the source of a considerable amount of abandoned tentage, all of which went to the tip – tentage that could otherwise be salvaged and sent to disaster areas around the world. 

Within a couple of years Brewood Rotary Club organised a District sweep of the site at the end of the festival weekend to retrieve as much tentage as possible. 

Those who witness the camp sites for the first time must feel the scene of utter devastation is a disaster in itself.  By closing one’s eyes to it, and stoically setting about the task of stripping down and bagging up the best of the tents, a 35 ton wagon belonging to the International Aid Trust is filled.  

It is two or three hours so well spent, and Wellington has never missed a year doing its bit.  Well done those who braved it for the first time this year, and well done those who have stuck at it.

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