Gateway BBQ 2018

On a perfect Summer  evening they came to the Eyton Village Hall, arriving slowly at first then in no time at all filling the Hall, for the Annual Gateway BBQ.

Some of the younger Adults were quite mobile , others in wheelchairs, but all there to enjoy the evening festivities.

The BBQ Chefs Scott and Paul were very busy from the start after setting out the Cooking Zone, with Norman and others.  

Paula, wives, and Inner Wheel members were busy in the kitchen preparing for the  onslaught at the Servery.

ANDY the DJ played Music and everyone danced, even those in wheelchairs, all very happy. Outside the Swallows dipped and dived and the burgers and sausages were passed to the Ladies to serve with lots of Drinks.

Bob and Paullette thanked the Rotary Club, to loud applause.  Vic who arranged the evening got his Team to clean up, including President Peter who proved his skills with the vacuum cleaner.

Many thanks were received from the HAPPY participants.

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