Heulwen Canal Trust trip for Visually Impaired 2017

Oh dear! It was raining steadily in Wellington when we all gathered at the Bus station. The forecast for the day had been grim, but we were off west, and the weather was heading east, so there was hope. And after all, Heulwen means ‘Sunshine’. 

We only managed 14 guests this year, but did gather some extra supporters, including two involved in the Lyneal Trust, who wanted to check out the opposition. We had a tricky moment or two as the coach inched over the final canal bridge, but we made it to the waiting boats. By then the rain had pretty much stopped, and as the day went on the sun came out, and it turned into a lovely, warm day, just right for being out on the fore-deck.  We set off north, negotiating a lift bridge, while we had morning coffee and Val Scollard-Kerr’s delicious cakes – an amazing selection. After half an hour we turned round and headed back, then on into Welshpool. It’s always fascinating watching boats going through a lock, and even more fun when you are going through yourself. Our fish and chip lunches arrived just at the right moment, and we enjoyed them as we motored on. It would have been nice to have had time to stop and pick the big, juicy overhanging blackberries. 

We turned round once more, and made our way back through the lock, fortified by more cake, to Heulwen Quay, and our coach. Everyone seemed happy apart from ‘Sunny’, one of the guide dogs, who stuck out his front legs, and furrowed his brow when invited to go onto the boat’s lift. However, we all made it in the end.

Thank you to the Heulwen Trust for taking us on their lovely boats once again, and to the helpers who made it a very enjoyable day out for all.

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