Lets Twin Toilets

We need 20 toilets to enable Wellington to be a toilet twinning town.

Can you help? Are you a:

  • Church or other faith community
  • School or other educational establishment
  • Public toilet
  • Cafe, pub or restaurant
  • Local business or employer
  • Community organisation / charity

Each application needs a donation of £60 to twin yours with a new toilet in a developing or under-developed country.  You will receive a photo/certificate of your “twinned toilet” and they (or toilettwinning.org)  use the donation to build a new toilet where one is desperately needed. If you can, a donation of £240 will get a toilet built in a refugee camp or a school.

You could make the whole “donation” yourself and let us know so we can count it towards our town’s 20. Alternatively, make a donation to Wellington Rotary and we may be able to help you to sponsor your toilet and have the certificate acknowledge the Rotary donation.

Please contact us secretarywellingtonrotary@gmail.com

Twinning details can be found at https://www.toilettwinning.org/twin-your-town/

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