More 10-pin Bowling Success

On Tuesday 17th March 2015 The Rotary Club of Wellington were in action at Telford when they were drawn against Brewood. This game was evenly matched with both clubs taking the lead from time to time. With only two rounds to play Wellington started to draw away and finally ran out winners with a score of 706 against 607. The team of Daniel Scollard-Kerr [122], Graham Keay [12]], Andy Kaleta [105], Peter Seawood [132], Vic Young [81] and John Banks [146] represented the club.

Tuesday 24th March brought the final match against the Rotary Club of the Wrekin at Telford. The Wellington Team continued to be consistent and their scores were John Wardle 114, Andy Kaleta 116, Graham Keay 129, Peter Seaward 111, Vic Young 87 and Daniel Scollard-Kerr 134. The total Wellington score was 691 against a total Wrekin score of 577.

The Rotary Club of Wellington have now won all four of their games and have scored a total of 2768 points with the total points scored by the other four clubs of 2297.

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