Morgan Factory Visit


The Morgan Motor Company owner Peter Morgan built his factory in Malvern in 1904.    Very little has changed in the intervening years except expansion.

The original building still produces the chassis on the wheels with the engine and other crucial parts added.   Unlike modern factories where the line is straight the Morgan production line is a ‘W’ with the hand-crafted parts body panels, bonnet and rear aluminium covering a wooden frame added to the chassis in the central line.   When assembled the ‘full metal car’ is rolled down to the paint shop, where it is taken apart for painting!   The vehicle is then reassembled and all the trim added.

It sounds easy and straight forward but each car is made to the future owner’s specification.

Our tour started with a light lunch and a whizz around the shop followed by a slightly dated video.   Only dated by virtue of the Aero plus 8 now being out of production and the Plus 6 coming on line.

During the tour we saw the last of the Aero to be made parked near a London Transport Route Master and the first of the plus 6 entering the trim fitting shop.   Full details abut the company can be found at

Our thanks to Ken Whitcombe who suggested and arranged the trip


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