PSA Testing at Oakengates

Rotary Wellington donated £1500 to the Shropshire Prostate Cancer Support Group PSA testing evening at Oakengates on 22nd October. There were six Wellington Rotarians in attendance, supplementing the few Prostate Support Group volunteers, assisting with the stewarding and booking in of the 303 men and ten women who attended the event. (The ladies had accompanied their husbands to ensure that they actually had a blood test).

The initial swell was overwhelming, with the queue apparently starting at 4.30pm for a 6.00pm start, so the testing started early. After this initial surge lasting two hours there was a steady trickle until closing at 8.30pm. There was blood pressure testing available in addition to taking blood samples. Ten phlebotomists, volunteers from PRH, New Cross and Stafford hospitals took the blood samples and worked very efficiently to move the queue on at a steady rate.

The blood analyses are carried out by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust Laboratories in Warwick, who also handle the data and notification process. Graham Fulford is a retired medical professional who set up the trust to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer. The results are issued to each individual via email or post, with a green, amber, red notification in accordance with the age related referral values tabulated below. The results from the evening are: 267 – Clear; 14 – Amber; 22 – Red, so the event was really worthwhile. Those rceiving amber and red results are recommended to undertake a further medical consultation and advice.


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