Ten Pin Bowling Success

Captain Keith Mainwaring writes:

The Rotary Club of Wellington played the Rotary Club of Telford Centre on Thursday 19th February. Telford had only 4 players at the start so exercising our fellowship we allowed them to use their present members to take turns until their two members arrived. However the teams were evenly matched until about the fifth game when Wellington started to draw away.

The star of the night was Andy Kaleta who not only scored one strike which is very good but actually scored a remarkable four strikes in a row which as you can imagine left Telford’s score trailing behind All the Wellington members were stars because five out of the six players scored over 100. The final score was Wellington 729 Telford 562. The scoring was as follows Andy Kaleta 179,  Daniel Scollard-Kerr 142,  John Banks 117,  John Wardle 106,  Graham Keay 104 and Peter Seaward 81.

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