V Festival Tent Collection

A small band of volunteers went from Wellington this year to help the 250 other Rotarians, Lions and various charities with tent and equipment collection.
Unusually for this summer we had two dry days and our team recovered 12 large 4,6 and 8 man tents which was the main priority for International Aid. Hopefully these will provide much needed temporary accommodation for 12 families caught up in a disaster somewhere in the world.

Unfortunately the site was being cleared faster than in previous years with large machines moving towards us as we worked. This reduced the time available with many good tents going off to landfill, what a waste.  One of our number did however manage to successfully liberate some of the large quantities of canned beer left by revellers before the bulldozers appeared.

We all felt it had been a worthwhile and rewarding activity, although not necessarily the ‘fun day out’ promised by our leader!

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