2017 Higher Education Award Recipients Report Back

Lara Writes:
I’ve had a great 1st year of university; the iPad I bought with the bursary I received from the Rotary Club had been an amazing study tool. I make all my notes on the iPad and it has helped me keep track of them and helped with mathematics notation I can’t use on a laptop.  I finished the 1st year with an average of 66% which is a 2:1. I am excited to continue my studies in second year.
I have also been thinking about the future and am looking into universities to do my teaching qualification and a master’s degree. 
This year I’ve also been playing rugby around my studies and have even been voted in as captain for next year. 
Thank you, Lara 

Hattie Writes:
My first year has been great and the kit I was able to purchase with the bursary money has been invaluable this year! I’ve had the opportunity to study different modules in a number of different sectors of the industry, giving me a real insight into my future career options. I worked very hard this year and was able to finish my first year with a first class overall.
I’m very much looking forward to returning for my second year in September!  My new confidence and skills gained in my first year at university have allowed me to apply to teach as a theatre makeup artist in an American summer camp next year! 
Hope you are all well.  Hattie 🙂

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