BBQ for the Gateway Club

‘We tried dodging the raindrops, but there were just too many, so Norman’s gazebo really came in to its own for once, protecting the chefs.

This year, a bit of pre-cooking had been done (thanks ladies), but the burgers and bangers still needed that final touch on the charcoal. We had a really good turnout this year, and had bought in some extra grub, but the queues for food kept on coming – In response to president Brian, some guests owned up to having had 4 burgers!

Andy got his music going with a good beat, and soon everyone was up on the dance floor, led by our new President. Fortunately he didn’t knock anyone out with his swinging regalia.

Everyone looked happy as they re-boarded busses and cars for home.

Same again next year? Over to you, Vic. Great thanks are owed to so many who helped organise before and on the day. Lots of Rotarians came, too, all really useful, with an impressive show of multi-coloured umbrellas.’

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