Fordhall Farm Bunkhouse

IPP Brian Richards writes:

The Fordhall Farm Bunkhouse is progressing at an amazing rate, however Charlotte Hollins recently made an appeal to the 8,000 owners and to Friends of Fordhall that helping hands were needed to add finishing touches like painting the eco-friendly roof shingles, oh and £50,000 is needed to complete the project. The Club agree to donate £100 and I was delighted to visit Charlotte on Friday 23rd November to hand over the cheque and check out the progress with the building works.

Charlotte is very grateful for the contribution and sends her thanks to all our members and looks forward to seeing us again in the summer. I also gave her a contact at the Probation Service and she has been able to arrange for community service workers to help out with the manual work.

I was amazed with the extent of the floorplan, about 20metres square – much bigger than I had expected. The eco-friendly log supporting columns and the structural walls rest on many recycled car tyres retaining a concrete pad, avoiding excavations for foundations. The exterior walls comprise hay bales with lime mortar, having a final smooth finish. The internal studding walls form the partitions for two 10 bed dormitories, two disabled/youth leader bedrooms, disabled bathroom, toilets and showers, a kitchen and finally a spacious mess/communal room. A very excited Charlotte gave me a wonderful guided tour.

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