Gateway Barbecue & Disco

The annual barbecue and disco for the Telford Gateway Club took place at Eyton Village Hall on Monday 11th July. Rotarian ‘chefs’ Rhodes and Walker were in charge of cooking the sausage and burgers while drinks and serving were in the hands of members of Wellington Inner Wheel.

The event was again organised by the Community/ Vocational Committee under the leadership of Rotarian Tom Taylor.  About 40 members of the Gateway Club, organised by Paulette and Bob Bruce, had been looking forward to the event for some time and had a great time, eating sausage and burgers laced with ketchup & brown sauce and washed down with squash before dancing enthusiastically to the disco.

From Left: President John Wardle with Paulette & Bob Bruce;  Community Vocational Chairman Tom Taylor with Paulette Bruce; Inner Wheel members Margaret Williams and Maureen Powell.

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