Medic Malawi Global Grant

I believe that the Global Grant Project has been completed, but we are still awaiting a report from The Rotary Club of Lilongwe. The eye surgery at St Andrews Hospital, Mtunthama, Malawi, health worker training and the establishment of new assessment eye clinics in the villages was achieved and indeed exceeded some time ago and the GG monies are still being expended. The photo voltaic installation was 99% completed earlier this year, but had a glitch with one of the sets of batteries failing. Replacement units have been installed according to the last communication. We’re awaiting the confirmation commissioning and test results. Follow this link to find out more about Medic Malawi.

So practically the GG has been a success with an excellent result, money well spent. Paperwork is the problem.

The covid 19 pandemic is just being felt. Malawi is reporting low numbers at present with 279 confirmed cases; 42 recovered and 4 deaths. However there are 400 workers returning from hard hit South Africa who have just escaped from a quarantine compound, so the situation may change soon.

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