New President for Rotary Wellington

When I agreed to take on the role of President all those years ago I had visions of the drama of an inauguration at the Buckatree. Lots of best wishes from some members, commiserations from others and harmless banter from those relieved that it was not their turn.  Little did I know that I would be sat by myself. In my study, looking at a TV screen with 30 or so postage stamp images of club members and knowing that we will be totally reliant on technology in the coming months.

I am now looking forward to my Presidential year.  I suspect that in the 91 year history of this club there has never been such a challenge that we are now facing.  The club however survived 6 years of disruption during WW2 and continued to thrive and prosper afterwards. The lesson learned was to accept the reality of what was happening, look after existing members and seek opportunities within the needs of the time.  This is invaluable guidance on our way forward.  I am confident that we can have a successful year despite our challenges.  

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