Sapphire Pin Award

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the organisation in keeping many presidents on the straight and narrow and especially in this lockdown period keeping the members informed and amused. It was with great pleasure that in the last hours of his presidency the Vic presented secretary David Lovatt with a sapphire pin to add to his PHF.

Vic said “As soon as COVID Lockdown impacted us, David jumped to my assistance offering to do a weekly Rotabilia and organising Zoom meetings (through John Wardle) with the Club Officer group and, subsequently, full Club Zooms. His workload increased enormously without complaint, of course! As many members have commented, David has “been the glue that has kept us together” in these troubled times. As ever, he has been the rock-steady “hand on the tiller” as I tried to steer a course through this storm. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done it without him and, of course, he is invaluable to EVERY new President because of his vast experience in Rotary and his help is unwavering all year round.”

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