Rtn. Don Receives Special Award

At the 21st Charter celebration of the Rotary Club of Telford Centre President John Morris Roberts made a special presentation to a member of the Rotary Club of Wellington.

President John prefaced his remarks with, ‘I guess we all know Don Woolford. Like lots of us I see a gentleman, and one who has given a tremendous amount to his Community.’

He continued, ‘After serving as President of the Rotary Club of Wellington, Don thought that there should be a Telford Centre Rotary Club to reflect the modern ethos and the New Town Image. He set about making this happen.

Telford Centre Founder members and all of our members are here tonight to say Thank You to you, Don, for all you have done for us over our 21 years, as our guide and mentor.

We would like to present you with our lifetime award, The Telford Centre Jewel. It is unique, as indeed we consider you to be. It is presented in recognition of your achievements associated with our Club over 21 years.’

In conclusion President John asked members to stand for the toast: Rotarian Don Woolford and our Mother Club, Wellington.

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