Success and …………

Two teams from the Rotary Club of Wellington have taken part in District 1210 competition final with varying success.

The Rotary Club of Wellington Darts team led by captain Mike Dorricott won the Diatrict 1210 darts competition in style.  Sports’ Officer Rob Evans wrote: Two down, but I thought we could win 4-2.  3-2 up then they drew level.  Play off for captains to 501.  Long match, both had several chances to win, but I didn’t make Mike captain without a reason!!!! Crowd erupted when we won.  Rob was presented with the Darts Trophy by President Peter Seaward on 20th May – see photograph.

The ‘A’ Quiz team did not fare so well.  Out of 61 teams from across District that began the quest for silverware in November 2015, the Wellington ‘A’ team was one of only 12 teams to reach the Final of the competiton which took place in Tettenhall on 18th May.  The team representing the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury won the Final with Wellington being placed 8th.


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