Visit to Australia

In October 2013 for three weeks Keith Mainwaring visited Brisbane Eastern Australia for his daughters wedding and revisted Westerrn Australia from November 18th 2013 until January 18th 2014

While he was in Western Australia ( Perth area ) he was able to vist two Rotary Clubs the first one in Waneroo and the second one in Joondalup. Both clubs made him extremely welcome, however at Waneroo he was ‘fined’ a Dollar by the club due to the fact that Australia had defeated England 5-0 to retain the ashes.

A well supported club with many activities taking place in an effort to raise funds for charities. The photograph no 18 (see right) is the entrance to Waneroo Rotary Park which I understand was financed by Rotary and is the largest Rotary Park in Western Australia and like most parks it is designed to cater for children and adults in wheelchairs.

The photograph no 19 (see left) is a Rotary sign on the side of the Road and as you can see is advertising the Club meeting and the venue.

The photograph no 20 (at the end of this article) is Keith handing to the President of Waneroo Norm De Grussa our Wellington Rotary Club Banner.

The photograph no 21 (at the end of this article) is of the complete membership of Joondalup Rotary Club and Keith and although they were few in number their enfusiasm in carrying out the aims of Rotary and raising monies for their particular charities was remarkable taking into account their numbers..

Keith was made extremely welcome at Joondalup and photograph no 22 (at the end of this article) is the president Steve Rustandi receiving the Wellington Rotary Club Banner from myself. Two very good Rotary Clubs which Keith had the pleasure of being invited to which certainly hi lights the Fellowship that I believe is second to none and can be seen if a club has a few members or a larger membership.

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